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Werbung (verschwindet nach Registrierung)

Hallo Forum,


....mit dem ungarischen Test kann leider nicht viel anfangen ....



Grüße Gucki


Dann lad dir mal einen Übersetzer, der Google Übersetzer kann auch Ungarisch, ist zwar ein bisschen holprig, aber du verstehst dann nicht nur immer Gulasch.

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Hallo Lupo,


Firefox oder Internet Explorer . Finde zwar den GOOGLE Translator( Firefox) und Ikon anzeigen ist auch angeklickt aber sehe nichts im Browser ähnlich so wie bei Dir...

Aber die Seite ist Bildmäßig schon sehr hilfreich nachdem ich nächste Seite auf ungarisch ja kann


Grüße Gucki

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Werbung (verschwindet nach Registrierung)

Guter Bericht von Ben Keough:

Panasonic Lumix GH2 - Unbiased digital camera reviews, prices, and advice




In the final analysis, the GH2 is an excellent camera. There's very little to dislike about it. I had a few minor gripes: The touchscreen got in the way more than it helped me; for its asking price the camera could do with a more solid build; and the inability to dedicate 24p video recording to the video button is an annoyance. Nevertheless, there's no other camera on the market that offers as complete a stills/video package the GH2.

The camera is available in a body-only configuration ($900 MSRP), with a standard 14-42mm kit lens ($1000), or with the 14-140mm superzoom mentioned above ($1,500). At those prices, the GH2 is in the same league as enthusiast dSLRs like the Nikon D7000, Canon 7D, and Pentax K-5. Video is the compelling reason to choose the GF2 over any of those cameras. None can match the GH2's video mastery or svelte profile. Though this is a hotly debated topic, some pundits claim that it even outperforms the venerable $2,500 Canon 5D Mk. II in terms of video quality.

That said, it is a niche product. Video needs to be one of your main interests to justify this purchase (and you should really go with the 14-140mm configuration, in that case). It shoots some very solid still images, but those shots aren't dramatically better than what you can shoot with cheaper Micro Four Thirds models, and can't match the quality of competing enthusiast dSLRs.

Still, there is really no other camera on the market that can do what the GH2 does -- at least not at the same price point, or without adding a great deal of bulk and weight. For the budget-conscious videographer on the go, especially one who likes to dabble in stills, this is the one to get.

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