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Software Update A7rII und A7sII

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Werbung (verschwindet nach Registrierung)

Neue Updates 3.20 auf eusupport.sony.com

Funktioniert alles bestens!


File Description


This utility updates the ILCE-7RM2 system software to version 3.20, and provides the following benefits:

Improvements over version 3.10:

  • Allows the camera to record XAVCS format video with an SDHC card in addition to SDXC card.
    • When an SDHC memory card is used in XAVC S format over long periods, the recorded movies will be divided into 4 GB files. The divided files can then be integrated into a single file using the PlayMemories Home software
    • Shooting movies in XAVC S format requires SD Speed Class 10, UHS Speed Class U1, or faster
    • When recording at 100 Mbps or more, UHS Speed Class U3 is required

Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 3.20:

  • New lenses are supported.
  • Phase-detection AF is supported
  • The AF can be used in movie recording mode with the SEL85F14GM
  • Improves 4K movie recording time when using the vertical grip (VG-C2EM) or when APS-C/Super35mm mode is activated
  • Improves picture quality
  • Adds the selectable feature for uncompressed 14-Bit RAW image capture
  • Adds support to output video via HDMI during use of the Remote Camera Control software (still mode)
  • Reduces the chance of the camera changing to front focus when shooting certain scenes
  • Decreases chroma noise when Long Exposure NR is set to Off
    Note:The noise does not occur when Long Exposure NR is set to On
  • Improves continuous shooting at Hi speed



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