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A DMC-GX8 in Brussels

SKF Admin
  • Pier-Yves Menkhoff A DMC-GX8 in Brussels. I like what we call “French fries”. My son too. This film is dedicated to him. This film was shot with the DMC-GX8 in 4K and edited with Final Cut Pro X. Sorry, I just spent one hour with the DMC-GX8. I just added "Vignetting" to the film because I like to add Vignetting on some of my films. To use the DMC-GX8 is very similar to the use of the DMC-GH4. The quality of the recording seems the same. However, I think the GX8 must be better for a traveller. Who knows ? Enjoy the French fries of the Maison Antoine in Brussels, place Jourdan... 04.09.2015 https://cdn.systemkamera-forum.de/uploads/ englisch Vimeo
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