Olympus PEN E-P5

Olympus PEN E-P5Olympus bietet zusammen mit Street-Art-Künstler Susie Lowe (Suzko) und dem Modefotograf Jay McLaughlin ein luxuriöses Produktbundle an. Das Set besteht aus zwei Olympus PEN E-P5 (bei Amazon und eBay) (eine davon von Suzko handbemalt), aktuellen Olympus Festbrennweiten plus Telezoom, passendem Zubehör, einer Foto-Trainingsstunde mit Jay McLaughlin und einen ebenfalls handbemalten Vespa Motorroller inklusive passendem Helm.

Olympus PEN E-P5 für 18.600 Euro

Das ganze gibt es exklusiv bei Harrods und wird 16.000 Pfund (zirka 18.600 Euro) kosten.

Wer sich ein eigenes Set zusammen stellen will, sollte einen Blick in unsere Datenbank werfen. Dort gibt es nicht nur alle Infos zur E-P5, sondern jetzt auch das passende Zubehör.

Die Olympus Pressemeldung

Olympus PEN Art Edition – exclusive to Harrods

A uniquely collectable collaboration between Olympus, urban artist Suzko & fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin

London, August 8: Exclusive, luxurious, one-of-a-kind, the perfect premium ‘accessory’ for both photographers and petrol heads, the Olympus Art Edition aims to combine the heritage and unique features of the Olympus PEN compact camera system with the prestige and individuality of owning an original artwork.

By twinning a stunning high-end camera with an effortlessly cool custom painted white Vespa, this project sumptuously succeeds in being a true ‘one off’. It’s a uniquely collectable first collaboration between urban artist Susie ‘Suzko’ Lowe and fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin.  It’s also the first ever – and therefore highly prized – Olympus Art Edition available exclusively through Harrods Technology.

The Art Edition has its origins in presenting the power and portability of the PEN system in a new way. The scooter is in effect a revved up case on wheels – the ultimate paparazzo companion while the camera kit includes two powerful new PEN E-P5 bodies and all the premium fast prime lenses in the Olympus micro system.

To give the kit a unique twist, no two will be the same. Each will be a one off lovingly painted on and illustrated by hand by urban artist Lowe in a design flowing through the scooter, helmet and camera.

Olympus PEN E-P5The fact that Suzko is an urban artist goes hand in hand with street art and street photography, a favourite style of McLaughlin and also a genre of photography for which the Olympus PEN range is ideally suited. Jay has documented the whole customisation process of the first Art Edition Kit for a limited edition perfect bound catalogue available on request in store. (download a pdf here )

Another perk of the Art Edition is that is qualifies the owner for a photographic training session with Jay who will explain the finer points of the system and give some photographic technique advice.

Via the Olympus Art Edition the E-P5 has become the ultimate portable camera kit complete with personal tuition and the ultimate ‘case’ – a custom painted Vespa scooter for the street photographer who likes to travel light.

Available for £16,000 from Thursday August 8th – exclusively at Harrods Technology


Das Olympus Set bei Amazon

… und weil das Olympus Half-Case noch nicht verfügbar ist, gibt’s als Alternative das schicke Stück von Gariz:

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